Peer Analytics vs. Call Report

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Peer Analytics vs. Call Report

All regulated financial institutions are required to file periodic financial and other data with their respective regulators and others: NCUA, FDIC, FFIEC, etc. These data in turn are used to produce the call report. Call reports provide information on institutions that can be publicly accessed for analysis.

 If call reports provide all this information, then why use Peer Analytics? Peer Analytics simply provides clean and helpful analytics and reporting using Visible Equity’s database.

 The Visible Equity database has access to record level data on loans, applications, deposits, etc. Of course, this information is not made available to unauthorized parties, but Visible Equity can perform analytics using the record level data that are otherwise unavailable using only call report data, such as LTVs, profitability analysis, etc.

 Another advantage of Peer analytics is the frequency at which the data are updated. Typically, clients upload data on a monthly basis. Conversely, call reports are released quarterly, and typically have a lag of about two months.

 Lastly, you can easily filter the data you want to analyze down to a subset of certain loan types or maybe loans originated during a certain time period. This filtering is difficult or impossible to do with call report data.

 These qualities all add up to make Peer Analytics a unique alternative to traditional peer-to-peer reporting.


Keaton Baughan

Product Manager